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Random Favourites

Why do you talk by punkie078 Why do you talk :iconpunkie078:punkie078 2 10
What do you do
what do you do when you dont know what to do?
what do you do when life has lost meaning,
when your brain just doesnt respond anymore,
when your eyes glaze over
and you become blind,
when the people around you fade out
and you are all alone,
when everyone has left you
and has left a hole in your heart,
When all you see is deserted streets
with nothing but the presence of stationary cars?
what do you do when the pictures fade
and memory evaporates from your mind,
when life becomes dull,
when you wonder why your alive,
:iconjustme96:justme96 2 9
I surrender my razors to you
Most scars will fade
but this one will last
its not on the skin,
but deeper,its on the heart
i must deserve this
you asked me to stop cutting
i didnt say yes or no
was i ever true?
i should have seen it then
you really did care
how could i have been so blind
i had always thought it was you
you knew everything about me
you knew my only weakness
the thing that would stop me
it is this one thing that you use now
this silence that you use against me
it leaves a scar
deeper than i could ever do
i will never forget this
i will do anything to have you
to gain back your trust
i will give up this addiction
i surrender my razors to you
:iconjustme96:justme96 4 25
Ill stay in the Dark
Put me in the light
see my every imperfection
see more, want less
Put me in the dark
catch my every allure
see less, come closer
In the light
notice my faults
what i have tried to hide
In the dark
feel my warm touch
stare into the depths of my soul
    The light shows all distaste
The dark hides the truth
showing only perfection
I shall stay in the dark
wont you come to?
im only alive when im with you
:iconjustme96:justme96 3 16
Sleep Gentle Child
Sleep gentle child sleep
Like whispers to your pillow, I creep
Close your eyes, gentle child, lull yourself to sleep
With rusted needles to sew your precious lips
Shh...careful...they will rip
Hush, gentle child, I\'ve threads to tie
Sprinkle sand upon each pale eye
Let me rock you, gentle child, as I watch you die
Please, my sweet, shed no tear
As your end looms near
Sleep gentle child sleep
Soon the morning will weep
Hush, gentle child, your soul shall I keep
:icondcmbrnite:dcmbrnite 51 71
The Window Home - photo 1
by Amy Schroeder, for Photo 1
When I was a little girl, I remember going to Ireland in the spring to visit my grandparents with my sisters and my mother. They lived in a little town near the ocean, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. I always loved going to visit there; both of my younger sisters never liked it. See, our grandparents didn't have a television or a computer, and without at least a television my sisters might as well have been on a desert island. I rather liked being away from the world for a while, away from people. I loved everything about my grandparents' house in Ireland. It was a magical little place.
Their house was only two stories with a small attic. I helped Grandpa put wood floors and insulation panels in the attic when I was 9 so that my sisters and I would have somewhere to play when we came to visit. They had old wooden furniture around their house, all of it hand-made by my great grandparents and older family members t
:iconfae:fae 1 6
Spider Soul
SPIDER SOUL - 7.31.2003
What if we don\'t wake up tomorrow
To the same song playing
Repeating on the dusty stereo?
Open windows and open minds
Mean nothing if there\'s nothing to fill the void
In between dreams and lies.
Drowning in my own self-proclaimed loss
Of self-direction and self-control
I cry black tears in fear
That perhaps their origin is just as rotten.
Mascara burns my eyelids while
Rivers find their way down to Hell from here.
I live a lie, I die in my own web
Like a posing Anasazi spider, my words
Mean nothing to me. I am nothing to me.
You never said goodbye when you left me
Waiting on a knife\'s edge for just one word
That things would be alright for me.
An envious princess, I wonder if tomorrow
My castle walls will still be standing
Meanwhile, my own hands
Break them down before the song ends.
:iconfae:fae 2 8
waiting by suzi9mm waiting :iconsuzi9mm:suzi9mm 278 170 FD calendar-week 11 by suzi9mm FD calendar-week 11 :iconsuzi9mm:suzi9mm 1,050 567
last nights everywhere
can't you hear the silence?
god, it's awfully loud...
it seems to be the loudest
whenever I'm around.
ever wonder what goes on
behind their beautiful eyes?
before you know it, i'll be gone..
absence is my sweet disguise.
last night's everywhere..
tomorrow lies before her,
and nobody seems to care.
:iconlaurainchains:laurainchains 1 7
Gateways To My Happiness
When I look in your eyes
and compare them to Aphrodite
and you smile and love me back
I can\'t help but feel that my life
is in it\'s prime, and it\'d be best
if someone were to chyogenically
freeze my heart so my concious
would die, but my soul would
soar to the clouds, and swim
in the pools of love that we share
from me
to you
It all makes sense
when I look in your eyes
I start to sense
I\'ve know you my whole life
When I look into those dark blues
And feel the collision of two
spirits, as the sparks fly and
the scarping of two massive
souls, in the middle of all the
chaos, I have found what
it is to live for, I know
nothing but how to give for
you and dance and sing
and waste my heart out all
When I look you eyes baby
I know that I\'m not crazy
It all makes sense when
I look in you eyes
:icongoofyromantic:goofyromantic 1 3
Pick up the Pieces 7472
When is it going to be your turn
To feel the guilt pour in
When will it be your time
To finally be cold
When will I be able to sleep
Without you in my head
Today will be that day
The voices inside
Tell me Im right
So I pick up my pieces
And put them back together
I take my heart
And put it aside
I take my conscience
And throw it away
Now I can hurt you
Without thinking twice
So this is how it feels
To be numb, just like you
Wow, it feels nice...
:iconcrzysweety:crzysweety 1 4
---porcelain tears---
please open up to me
you know i love you
but your porcelain eyes
are so
i know your alone
please let me in
i will try to help you
fill that emptiness inside
just please talk to me
i feel so guilty
i\'m sorry
for everything
you deserve a world full of happiness
but instead you only plan a death you desire
please reach for my hand
i\'ll pull you through
once i have grip, i will never let go
please just take my hand
i want to save you
i love you and i am sorry
:iconbeeks87:beeks87 1 6
Day of dreaming of being complete,
As I lay in bed and ignore the world.
These blankets are my walls, as long as I'm within them, Nothing outside can come in.
None of the razors of this Earth can cut through my skin.
The hunger pains that dwell in my stomach,
are enough to keep my mind from the internal pain.
For a short while.
Unaccepted the way I am, always being forced to change.
To meet others expectations.
Sick of being ignored and used.
Sick of being loved when its not true.
Close these curtains, and keep out the light.
My dark hole, my cave.
Its my solace, my sanctuary.
:iconbadstar:badstar 1 3
Hidden Thoughts
Each day of my life passes ceaselessy by as if not a care crosses
its mind and the consequences are nothing but a buzzing fly that
could just be swatted off. Why I write of such dscontent doesnt
leave me feeling guilty that I\'ve wasted the time of many but of
why such emotions spill now?
It\'s been 14 long years and I am still to figure that solution to this mystery.
Writing once had a purpose, and sometimes it still does to me but now only minimum satisfaction occurs with each written fact, statement, or crappy poem.
To shove personal feelings in the face of a stranger as your words, MY words are blaring on their screen and expect them to be considerate and understand? And at the point a connection has somewhat been made and you feel you belong now, that you are not alone. That your pain is truly felt world-wide and I have been here, selfish and stupid not to know that real fact, but then why has contact been to few? It\'s not a feeling to share with close ones, it\'s not a subject o
:iconzte7:zte7 1 10
XxCrimson TearsxX
The beauty of your eyes
Is only matched by the kindness of your heart
Your Ivory soft touch
Could make the most hopeless man believe
Crimson tears fall from your skin
As you try to make up for every sin
Your unconditional willingness to give anyone a hand
You look at possessions, as they were grains of sand
And behind your deep scars
Lies the past that keeps you barred
I wish I could take away your pain
I wish your inner demons I could tame
I would hold you in my arms
Till everything vanished even the stars
My love is forever
I would see you through every endeavor
I would worship you as a goddess if your desire
If you became cold to myself I would set fire
I would do anything
For you
:iconfenton:fenton 4 5



Artist | Hobbyist | Other
Current Residence: Hamilton
Favourite genre of music: anything that sounds good to me :)
Operating System: lungs, heart, brain, blood.
Favourite cartoon character: stewie and ernie :D
Personal Quote: the silence screams to be broken
Every couple of years or so, it seems that I return to this place. I love this community, I miss this community. This is where I grew up, this is where I have met some of the best people I have ever come into contact with via the Internet. I really do hope everyone is alive and well, and would appreciate a message or two! I will be periodically checking back and possibly returning with some new posts! I feel a change, and this community has helped me change before. Good vibes, always.


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brownshagcarpet Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011   Photographer
I see that someone's birthday is coming up soooon! Do you have facebook woman?
brownshagcarpet Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011   Photographer
I see that someone's birthday is coming up soooon! Do you have facebook woman?
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ooooooo buddy! thanks for the fav! <3
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